About iOWN Group


iOWN Group is built with the mission of improving the business world by bridging the gap between investors and businesses.

We seek extraordinary investment opportunities for our investors while paving the way for aspiring and visionary businesses towards modernizing the world.


We envision iOWN at the pinnacle of modern investment management while also at the starting point of tomorrow’s leading businesses.

iOWN Group was created aiming to revolutionize modern world capital allocation, in alignment with the vision of our investors and shareholders, we connect investment opportunities in a variety of business sectors ranging from real-estate to information technology.

We foresee the potential of startups and existing businesses targeting these sectors, and deploying state of the art technologies (AI, IoT and Blockchain to name a few) and believe that by directing capital towards those startups and businesses, and towards both their funding and operations processes, we are connecting them with the right investors to help them realize their dreams, while also achieving the investors’ visions, and ultimately making the world a better place.

  • iOWN GROUP Ltd.


    Kensington House, 69 Dr Roy’s Drive, P.O. Box 2510, Grand Cayman KY1-1104, Registration No. ST 346972, Cayman Islands


    E: info@iowngroup.com